What are the grounds an employer can be sued in Maryland?

Employers have an obligation to provide a workplace that is safe for all types of workers and free from harassment.

Baltimore, MD – Many workers in Maryland and other states will have to endure some sort of illegal workplace conduct throughout their careers. However, workers should know that they always have the right to meet with a lawyer and file a lawsuit if necessary. The employer also cannot start abusing the worker after taking action, as this is also illegal. There are common workplace issues that form the basis of many labor and employment lawsuits.

Illegal pay practices

Employers in Maryland are all required to follow laws relating to minimum wage, overtime, wage deductions, and various other wage regulations. Nor can the employer take tips from a worker if that is how they are paid. Any worker who discovers that they have not been properly paid has the right to bring this matter to the attention of their employer. In some cases, the employer may have made a payroll error or some other type of honest mistake. However, if the employer refuses to fix the problem, they may be sued. If the worker wins the lawsuit, the employer will have to pay all unpaid wages, as well as other damages such as interest.

Sexual harassment

Employers have an obligation to provide a workplace that is safe for all types of workers and free from harassment. Often, this is done through relevant training and employee awareness. However, the obligation of employers to protect workers extends even to customers responsible for unlawful harassment. Nor can the worker be forced to engage in sexual acts by a superior as a condition of receiving benefits or keeping their job, as this is one of the most serious types of harassment.

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If a worker is subjected to a hostile work environment because of their gender or sex, the victim can file a complaint sexual harassment lawsuit. Compensation may include costs associated with finding a new job, as well as treatment and counselling.


Employees should not have to fear adverse actions against them simply for asserting their rights or for informing their employer of illegal acts. Retaliation occurs when the employer subjects the worker to unfair treatment for taking a legally protected action.

If a worker finds that he was fired, demoted or otherwise mistreated for warning his employer about illegal actions, he can file a separate lawsuit for retaliation.

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