Tamil Nadu man ‘tortured and killed’ by Kuwaiti employer for ‘refusing to take care of his camels’

A 37-year-old man from Thiruvarur district in Tamil Nadu who had traveled to Kuwait for work was reportedly shot dead by his employer after he refused to tend his camels. A protest march took place in the district on September 13, urging the government to act quickly to bring back the remains of the man.

According to sources, Muthukumar who hails from Koradacherry in Thiruvarur operated a vegetable business in the same district. Later, he decided to travel abroad to earn more money as the vegetable trade was not enough for him. He contacted an agent who had found him a job in a supermarket in Kuwait. Muthukumar accepted the post and traveled to Kuwait on September 3.

According to reports, on September 4, Muthukumar claimed that when he reported for work, his employer asked him to look after his camels rather than do the work at the grocery store. Muthukumar reportedly immediately contacted his family in Tamil Nadu to share his experiences. This was the last call the family members received from Muthukumar.

On September 9, his wife learned that Muthukumar was allegedly tortured and killed by his employer because he refused to take care of his camels.

Muthukumar’s family members went to Thiruvarur district collector’s office with a petition asking for the body to be returned and for action to be taken against the local agent who facilitated Muthukumar’s transfer to Kuwait and to take action against the employer.

Earlier this week, family members of Muthukumar along with villagers from Koradacherry and representatives of several political parties held a rally in support of Muthukumar and demanded compensation for his relatives.

According to reports, officials from the Indian Embassy called the victim’s relatives to let them know that the procedure to transfer the body of the deceased from Kuwait had already started.

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