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Sunstone challenges stereotypes around first-time job seekers

Sunstone, a higher education startup, launched its #BecomeExperiencedFresher campaign to showcase the benefits of its industry-focused education for MBA students. The new ad campaign can be seen on various digital verticals like YouTube, Facebook, etc. in 6 languages ​​- Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada other than Hinglish.

This campaign takes a fresh look at the issues faced by freshmen in various scenarios, such as sitting out for college internships, exploring start-up opportunities, or braving their first day of work.

“Considered inexperienced, they are often overlooked and not taken seriously. Sunstone, through its unique model, has succeeded in bridging the gap between industry and academia and is now focused on training “experienced beginners” who will have an edge over their peers in terms of preparation and training for the work for which they are hired. “, said the company.

The campaign has famous pop culture references and is aimed at young audiences. Through a quick peek into an ordinary office space, an entrepreneurship-themed reality show, and a job placement interview, this campaign sheds light on the different scenarios where first-time job seekers face stereotypes. However, the advantages offered by this higher education startup to MBA students ensure that students learn from industry experts, acquire relevant knowledge and develop professional skills.

Regarding the brand campaign, Piyush Nangru, Co-Founder and COO, Sunstone, said, “In India, there is a huge gap between the skills imparted to tertiary students and the skills demanded of them in the job market. While this gap persists, it is important to recognize that industry interventions aimed at closing the skills gap have slowly made substantial progress and it is time to look at job seekers from a broader perspective. costs. At Sunstone, we believe in and strive to provide an industry-focused learning experience that makes students job-ready at the college level itself. The idea behind this campaign is to break the stereotype regarding graduate students about their potential and abilities in their first job.

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