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South Ohio Program Launches Training, Workplace Resources and Employment Relations Offer to Boost Local Labor Market

CINCINNATI, November 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The SkillUp Coalition, a national collaboration between nonprofits, training providers and employers, today announced the launch of LevelUp GRIT Ohio, a partnership to educate the local community about growing industries and directly connect workers to training and career resources available in the region. In partnership with The GRIT Project and Future Plans, LevelUp GRIT Ohio aims to provide career navigation services, training programs and employment opportunities to help workers achieve high growth careers throughout South Ohio. This partnership, with the support of the pro quarterback Joe terrier, is funded by the Ohio State.

“When I first imagined the idea of GRIT project in 2018 my hope was to find new opportunities through collaboration to build economic recovery and the strength of our community. The launch of LevelUp GRIT Ohio is yet another part of this vision. By developing the skills in demand, our community can enter or re-enter the labor market in a new way, ”said Randy Chandler, GE aviation engineer and community volunteer involved with the Adams County Drug Coalition, Southern State Community College Board of Directors and many other organizations.

“The people of South Ohio are tough, brave, and do the right thing when others can’t – these are the hardest working people in the country,” said Joe terrier, pro quarterback and Athens, Ohio native. “Tens of thousands of high-growth jobs are currently open in the Ohio Appalachians, many of which are accessible through affordable, short-term training programs identified by SkillUp. I am delighted to highlight these new opportunities for my compatriots in Ohio; they have helped me advance in my career and i want to see the same for them. ”

As unemployment rates in Ohio still struggling to return to pre-pandemic levels, the SkillUp Coalition was designed specifically for crises like these, working with local organizations across the country to create new pathways to economic mobility for millions of people. Americans whose livelihoods are still affected by the pandemic.

“The South Ohio The community is a vital part of Buckeye State and we are honored to partner with local organizations dedicated to revitalizing local economies in the post-pandemic era, ”said Elissa salas, vice president of partnerships and operations at SkillUp. “As we look to the jobs of the future, we are convinced that Ohio will be a leading force in improving the skills and retraining of its workers through this partnership. “

With in-depth job market analysis, viable job identification, and recommendations from Jobs for the Future training providers, LevelUp GRIT Ohio helps workers select and prepare for career paths that align with the economy of the future by targeting sectors that are expected to grow significantly in the coming years such as healthcare, technology, skilled trades and logistics. LevelUp GRIT Ohio uses a four-part approach:

  • Career navigation: Free, technology-based assessments and coaches guide workers in choosing a career path aligned with the rapidly changing needs of the job market.
  • Training programs: Access to local and national education and training programs that match workers’ career goals.
  • Job opportunities: Adapted to the professional aspirations of workers and to the demand of the regional and local labor market.
  • Support and financial support: Resources to help workers overcome the financial and emotional challenges that often prevent them from completing their training and finding work. More specifically, the SkillUp Together Fund offers $ 1,000 grants to workers seeking to upgrade their skills with selected training partners.

Keaton crystal, director of the workforce development council for Adams, Brown, Pike & Scioto Counties adds: “Our Ohio-Means-Jobs centers welcome resources such as SkillUp Coalition and LevelUP GRIT Ohio who can develop employable skills. We are committed to partnering with organizations to help individuals access paid employment opportunities and move up the salary ladder. “

To help reach as many workers as possible in the region, earlier this summer, Joe terrier sat down with SkillUp to talk about how growing up in Southeast Ohio shaped his work ethic, the life lessons that helped him excel in his career and his unwavering faith in the talents and courage of the workers of South Ohio. A public service announcement and several promotional videos he recorded will be deployed in the coming weeks and can be viewed here.

Workers and job seekers can learn more about LevelUp GRIT Ohio and access career navigation and training resources at Additional career paths, local training providers and employers will be added regularly throughout the new year. If you are a training provider, employer, technology and service provider, or non-profit organization interested in joining the Coalition, please visit

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Founded in july 2020, SkillUp Coalition is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that helps displaced workers develop the knowledge, confidence, skills and training necessary to land high-growth jobs in high-growth industries. The coalition brings together more than 60 leading organizations, including training and education providers, technology developers, policy makers, employers and philanthropic organizations. The SkillUp ecosystem provides career navigation, training and employer relations, career coaching and financial support to build a more inclusive economy for all workers. In addition to its national reach, SkillUp operates LevelUp local partnerships in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Florida, Louisiana, Northern Nevada, Philadelphia, New York and now Ohio. For more information, please visit

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