Shortage of workers, frustration of employers – San Francisco News

UNITED STATES—Conversations are still ongoing about the current state of the workforce in the United States of America. People are complaining here and there that there are so many vacancies and the question persists as to why some companies have great difficulty finding employees to fill the currently vacant positions.

It’s a loaded question, but I think it’s the whole result of Americans having choices. Choices before the pandemic were limited when it came to work; wages earned were also at a historically low level. Post-pandemic (it’s really NOT over America) salaries are way higher than they’ve ever been and people are just picky about what they plan to do. I mean, think about it: you have a choice of doing a job that you absolutely enjoy and that brings you the highest level of joy, and then you have a job that you absolutely hate and that stresses you out more than you can handle. ‘to imagine. What would you choose?

Exactly, this is NOT an heard choice people make and this is what some businesses and corporations have failed to understand. People are no longer interested in working in a fast food restaurant working in the kitchen or at the cash register and dealing with rude and disrespectful customers who look down on them. This sentiment can be echoed in the retail sector, where so many workers do not receive respect and praise for the hard work they do.

Hell, I was working in retail a while ago and barely making enough to put food on the table after paying all the bills. There’s this weird psychology that minimum wage is an affordable amount to live on. Seriously? You honestly think that $7 an hour is enough for people to pay all their bills, have some left over, and enjoy life. Give me a fuckin’ break, and if I hear one more idiot in Congress say that’s the case, then you’re gonna live on $7 an hour and tell me if you can pay all your bills and keep doing the things you want to do without struggling. I can already give you the answer: it is impossible.

Some people haven’t realized that work isn’t meant to be your life. Your life should NOT revolve around work. You work to live, but you don’t have to spend what and how you live your life. You should have the freedom to choose the type of work you do and not be forced into a dead-end job as options are limited and you are more focused on pay than what matters to you or brings you value. joy and purpose.

For the employer who is frustrated with limited inventory when it comes to workers, then provide better benefits. You can’t expect people to just hear $15/hour and jump on it. It doesn’t always attract people. How can you change this way of thinking? Hmm, let me see: paid sick leave, paid time off, health insurance, bonuses, company advancement, work from home options, the list of job opportunities is endless.

People aren’t going to just settle for crumbs in the workplace, as they’ve had to settle for in the past. The economy is changing. Gas is at an all-time high, inflation is eating into people’s budgets, and the cost of goods and services has increased to such an extent that all the money you earn is leaving your pocket and your bank account faster than you can. can count it. Three. Work should be fun and enjoyable, otherwise it becomes a chore to just get out of bed and go to work. I literally listened to a woman chat on the phone about her job that she hated, I mean HATED.

However, she wasn’t ready to give up until she found something else. However, just hearing him speak, I could understand the frustration. It goes back to a statement I heard Oprah say once on her talk show, where she echoed something about every day you work at a job you hate or dislike, part of you dies inside. I think that’s where a lot of Americans are right now. They DON’T WANT TO WORK in jobs that don’t make them happy or bring them joy and to be honest, is that a bad thing?

Written by Jason Jones