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Shopee Suddenly Revokes Multiple S’pore Job Offers, Allegedly Offers Compensation

A man flew his wife and dog from China, only to find at the airport that Shopee had revoked his job offer.

Here is what happened.

The story went viral on Weibo

A WeChat user created an account with the username “Lin Ge goes to Nanyang” in May 2022, hoping to share more about his life and tech work at Shopee Singapore.

However, his first message turned out to be about his unemployment and his compensation negotiation. In the August 28 post, he shared that he had just landed in Singapore with his wife and dog when Shopee revoked their offer.

Her story went viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo, and their version of LinkedIn called Maimai. More users have started sharing how they encountered similar circumstances, with one user saying their offer was canceled “three days before they officially joined Shopee”.

An estimated 60 people have been affected and support groups have been formed to help them negotiate compensation and find jobs.

Shopee confirms the news

Shopee confirmed with South China Morning Post that they actually revoked some job offers.

“Due to adjustments to hiring plans for some technical teams, a number of positions at Shopee are no longer available. We are working closely to support those affected,” they said.

An inside source revealed that they will offer compensation of one month’s salary and travel expenses to those affected.

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Big tech companies are also cutting costs

Shopee is owned by Tencent-backed Sea Limited, which recently posted larger losses in the second quarter amid a global economic slowdown. Their losses doubled to $931.2 million, prompting them to cut costs.

Other big tech companies in China have also cut their workforces. For example, Tencent laid off nearly 5,500 employees, the first time since 2014. Smartphone brand Xiaomi is also said to have cut about 3% of its workforce, equivalent to more than 900 jobs.

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