Job offers

In Japan, babies receive “job offers”, the salary includes diapers and milk!

Babies are loved all over the world. Small, cute and adorable babies or children are taken care of and adored by every human being. Now, as a first step, these “little bundles of joy” are invited to spread even more joy in their contagious and awwdorable smile. Yes! Babies in Japan are now offered jobs and they have all the benefits they need.

In the south of Japan, a nursing home hires babies up to 4 years old and according to their job description, they must make the elderly smile and give them company. Don’t worry, this important job comes with a high salary, you ask what! It’s diapers and milk.

According to the job posting, future workers will be paid for their diaper and milk powder services.

The main – and perhaps the only – responsibility of the successful applicants will be to “walk around” the nursing home in the company of their guardians.

According to the requirement of this Japanese nursing facility, new recruits must be under the age of four and their guardians must sign a contract stipulating that babies and toddlers can report to work “whenever they feel like it”.

Interestingly, these bundles of joy will be allowed to take a break “when hungry, sleepy, or as their mood dictates,” the contract says.

So far more than 30 babies have been registered to lift the spirits of more than 100 residents who are mostly in their 80s, senior care home manager Kimie Gondo told AFP news agency.

“The mere sight of babies brings smiles to our residents,” she said, adding with a chuckle that “there’s no list of shifts or anything.”

“Babies stay with their mother all the time. It’s like taking them for a walk in a park,” Gondo said.
The inhabitants seem delighted with the young recruits and greet them, strike up a conversation or give them hugs. So far, this lovely experiment is going well for the nursing home.