How this biopharmaceutical company continues to be a Top Employer and now a Great Place to Work

The company has also identified the four pillars of employee well-being – emotional, physical, social and financial. By improving these areas, the Takeda Singapore local team hopes to create a better future for its people.

The words “engagement” and “interaction” also come up often in the company’s HR manual these days. According to Ms. Wong, in addition to the bi-monthly coffee sessions, the company has launched other regular employee engagement activities.

“These include team-building lunches, focus groups, weekly one-on-one sessions between managers and employees, and peer mentoring,” she says. Another fun initiative: the different teams keep each other informed of their business scope through interactive games and quizzes.

Mr. Gomes says that by creating a cohesive environment, the company hopes to provide its employees with more opportunities to learn cross-functionally, increase the speed of information flow between teams and work towards an organizational structure. flatter.

Employees have a say in the direction of the company, decide on the engagement activities that are carried out throughout the year and give their opinion on company policies. “It reduces bureaucracy and cultivates a ‘speak up’ culture that encourages inclusion and fairness in the workplace,” adds Ms. Wong.

Diversity is also a cornerstone of Takeda Singapore local team hiring policies. Currently, two out of three senior positions are held by women. Ms. Wong says, “We promote our employees on the basis of merit and demand gender equality in leadership positions.

Ms. Khoo, who has a young child, adds: “People influence the culture of an organization. It’s great that everyone is aligned on our goals, priorities and responsibilities to ensure the overall success of the organization. »

And in this case, it’s to make sure that Takeda The local Singapore team remains a great place to work for years to come.

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