Helper demands more than 300,000 HK dollars from his employer for sexual assault

An Indonesian domestic helper filed a summons in court last Friday demanding more than HK$300,000 in compensation from a male employer who assaulted the helper for refusing to have sex with him.

The plaintiff was Binti Samsuri Ningsih, and the employer Lau Hon was listed as a defendant. The first hearing in the case has been set in the district court for October 6.

According to the brief, Ningsih arrived in Hong Kong on September 27, 2019 and went to Lau’s home after meeting with the employment agency three days later. Shortly after Ningsih arrived at Lau’s home, Lau stripped off her clothes and exposed her genitals.

That night, Lau wearing only her underpants, entered Ningsih’s room and touched her inappropriately. He also asked Ningsih to have sex with him after he woke up, took off all her clothes, and attempted to undress her.

Ningsih refused and was then attacked by Lau with a broom. She suffered bruising to her left shoulder and locked herself in the bathroom where she slept that night.

The brief went on to say that Lau continued to sexually harass Ningsih for the next two days, including groping her hip while doing chores and assaulting her when she refused to have sex with him.

Ningsih had to sleep in the bathroom for three days in a row in order to stay away from Lau.

On October 1, Ningsih and Lau went to the employment agency office and terminated the employment contract. Ningsih later returned to Indonesia.

Ningsih filed a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission in 2020 and the investigation ended in July of the same year.

The writ then ordered Lau to compensate Ningsih HK$115,698 for loss of income and HK$190,588 for emotional damage.