Fed up with employee’s nagging lover, married employer hires hitmen to take her out

New Delhi: Solving the case of the murder of a financial company employee at her workplace in North Delhi, police on Sunday arrested her employer, who was allegedly in a relationship with her, and some of the killers in pawns he had hired to eliminate him, an official said.

The woman was murdered in her office in the Kewal Park area of ​​north Delhi on Saturday night. A mangalsutra and a photo of her employer, found in her purse, helped police solve the case.

Police arrested his employer Anuj alias Gaurav, 34, employee Jai Prakash alias Durga, 28, Pankaj, 22, and suspected killers Shyam Sunder alias Paudi, 25, and Sumit, 24. One of the suspected killers, Sharif alias Monu, is still at large.

“The main conspirators turned out to be none other than the employer of the deceased. The reconnaissance of the office premises where the victim worked was carried out the day before the murder,” the police official said.

According to the official, a PCR call was received around 7 p.m. Saturday saying a woman was lying in a pool of blood in a second-floor office in Kewal Park.

A police team rushed to the scene and found that the woman’s throat had been slit.

“She worked as a telephone operator in the finance office. An IPC Section 302 case has been filed,” the official said, adding that the desk was owned by the finance department of Singh & Brothers and allegedly had a connection to Bajaj Finance.

Police analyzed CCTV footage from the locality which revealed that around 6.15pm on Saturday, two youths were seen climbing the stairs to the office and then emerging within two to three minutes.

Meanwhile, Anuj said he was talking to her on the phone and heard her screaming.

As the police were suspicious of him, he was interrogated.

“At first, he pretended to ignore the possible motive for the murder of the deceased. However, upon searching the victim’s purse, a brand new mangalsutra along with a picture of Anuj was found. Feeling foul play on the part of Anuj, sustained questioning was done. He eventually broke down and confessed his involvement in the murder,” police said.

Anuj said he had an affair with the woman for the past three years, after hiding the fact that he was married. The woman had urged him to marry her as soon as possible.

“Getting fed up with her continuous harassment, he decided to eliminate her and discussed it with one of his employees, Durga, who assured him that he would take care of her and demanded Rs 2 lakh. Durga enlisted Pankaj, who hired Paudi, Sumit and Sharif alias Monu to carry out the murder.

Durga took Rs 1 lakh in advance. On Friday, a day before the murder, all six met on the road to Pushta, Sonia Vihar, and discussed all the details. Durga handed the first installment of Rs 1 lakh to Paudi, Sumit and Monu, and they decided to commit murder in the evening while she was alone in the office.

On Saturday, Paudi, Sumit and Monu, who was carrying a knife in his backpack, came. Sumit stayed on the street, while Paudi and Monu went to the office, grabbed the woman as she was talking to Anuj and slit her throat.

“Calling him around 6:15 p.m. was part of a well-thought-out plot so that Anuj could have an alibi and at the same time ensure that the plan for his murder was carried out,” the police chief said.